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Layer One For Every-One

Trans. per Sec.



9 Chains

Total Liquidity

US$20.14k +

Total Trades

3,4 k +

Unique Users

2,2 K +


Crypto Tracking On The Next Level

Indegrated Coin Gecko API

Check up for over 20k+ Token

5 Level Trust Rate Score

Highest Security Check


Enter into your wallet


Swap from your own wallet. Be your own bank. No centralized bridges or wrapping assets. Our MultiChain cross Chain swap will bring us all DeFi into our wallet.

Full Self-Custody

Be your own boss!

Earn REAL Staking on your Native Assets

Provide Liquidity and Earn on your Native Assets with Impermanent Loss Protection

$WIX Value Accrual

Stake $WIX token and earn 15% of protocol revenues, trading discounts and other community perks.

Giving You DeFi Superpowers

Wallets +

Robust multi-chain wallet support: Trade directly from your own wallet. Be your own bank.


With WixCare we revolutionize the liquidity problem in the DeFi space.
Use our protec/bond function in our DApp.


Be the first in quality and safe projects. We bring prject owner and investors together to success with our incubation.


We protect your investment. As one of the first Incubators, we provide the ultimate stage of safety.

Building Cross•Chain Together

Pathfinder API SDK

Our one-stop solution for devs to easily add cross-chain functionality to any product/dApp.

WIXNode Tools

Dedicated interface suite for managing Bonding on WICA.

Join our community of WIXChads


Join our Discord Community and engage with 30,000+ members. Our Support Desk channel offers 24/7 technical support.


Official WixSwap Documentation, tutorials and developers docs.


Stay up-to-date with product release info, tutorials and more on our community YouTube channel.


Submit bug reports and provide feedback to help us build the best Cross-Chain DEX.

We take Security Seriously.

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