One of its kind! Become a part of this ecosystem and you will benefit from the long-term thought of our vision. TradeWiX is more than just a Crypto Security App!

We combine all functions

  • We combine the most important crypto functions in one DApp. We want to ensure all those who believe in us with exclusive rewards and early access to exciting IDOs.

We have made it our mission to provide our users with the best possible benefits from Smart Contracts

Be first Every time

  • We only introduce you to the best

Let the DYOR be our concern from now on. Supported projects serve first and foremost the interest of our community

Level Up Your Access

TradeWix uses a tier-based System to assign attributions and ensure everyone has the chance to secure a space early.
Higher tiers benefit from better allocation packages!

PositionTraineeInstructorBeast ModeJohn WIX
Pool Weight$50$500$1250MAX
IGO ParticipationLottery up to 6 ticketsGuaranteedGuaranteedGuaranteed
Whitelist required
Access to FCFS round
Private deal allocations
Early access to new games and beta versions
The chance of multipleXLowMediumHighHighest

Fair and Rewarding Tokenomics

The TradeWix Tokenomic truly rewards everyone who embarks on the journey with us. The fees depend on the duration of receiving the tokens.Higher tiers benefit from better allocation packages!

Token Mechanism

8% fee on $WIX sell orders

(1% Marketing 2%Liquidity 5% allocated Staking reward)

Early unstaking fee, up to 25%

Reward Mechanisms

Staking your $WIX earns you a perpetual income from 5% of the $WIX sell fees

Receive rewards from early unstaking

Our Incubator Program

We offer unique projects, the opportunity to introduce yourself to our community and become a part of this movement

We take care of all steps to ensure a good launch.

Via our incubator program, you will have access to:

Apply for project Incubation

If you have an idea for a project or are working on one and would like to apply for incubation, click on the button bellow!

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